The MHS Academic Team. From left: Scott Ellis, John Price, Pearson Kelly, Chris Cross and Kyler Drury.

This group of teenagers might have just started a revolution.

Last weekend, the Meridian High School Academic Team came in 2nd place at a statewide competition.

Here is an excerpt from the official press release:

“Congratulations to the Meridian High School Academic Team!! On Saturday the Academic Team finished in 2nd Place at the Madison Central Fall Classic. The Wildcat Academic Team defeated Columbia Academy, Tupelo High School, and Jackson Academy twice before losing to St. Andrews Episcopal in the championship final.”

Now, here is where the press release ends and my words begin….

Jackson Academy, a mostly white, low-poverty private school with a stellar academic reputation, was defeated not once but twice by MHS, a mostly black, high-poverty public school with a not-so-stellar academic reputation.

Most people believe that schools like Meridian High are academically inferior to schools like Jackson Academy. You know it and I know it. This is what most people think.

Well, the MHS Academic Team just proved most people wrong.

The federal government, state legislature and state department of education tell us that Meridian High School is mediocre by giving us a “C” rating.

The MHS Academic Team just proved all of them wrong.

For decades, the national media, D.C. think tanks and blue-blooded political elites have fed the American people an orchestrated, false narrative: Public education has failed. This narrative has been exacerbated in recent years by ideologues who promote the false, self-destructive notion that anything having to do with government, aka public education, is bad.

Yet, in one day, these five young scholars proved all of them wrong.

This is not boasting.

This is a call for truth.

This is not a claim of public school superiority.

This is a call for community.

Let the revolution begin.



About The Public School Warrior

I am a product of Mississippi's public schools.
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4 Responses to **PUBLIC SCHOOL SHOCKER!!*

  1. Kisha Blanks-Hossley says:

    This is an awesome story! It’s just the type of encouragement that our children need. I can agree that Meridian High School has changed over the years, but these five young men have proven that there are educators and students who still believe in academic success. Not only does MHS produce gifted athletes…more importantly, we we produce leaders and scholars! GO BLUE!
    Kisha Blanks-Hossley
    ~C/O 1993~

  2. Syl says:

    Proud of these students!!!! Hats off to the teachers that prepared them for this moment!! Goooo Wildcats!!
    Sylmeika C/O 96

  3. Karen K.Meyer says:

    Michael, reading this article brought tears to my eyes—ole public school teacher eyes! You are serving your community well with your diligence in presenting the best MPS is offering. As the grandmother of three and the great-aunt of five children, tweens, and teens in MPS, I simply cannot find the words to express my thanks! (and that’s scary for an ex-English schoolmarm! Karen Meyer

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