Name That School

Business and Technology Courses:

Advanced Programming
Advanced Software Topics
Computer Applications
Desktop Publishing
Digital Media Design
Digital Photography
Digital Video
Graphic Design
Innovative Applications Using Technology
Financial Technology
Multimedia Projects
Programming I – Beginning
Programming I – Foundations
Programming II
Research Using Technology’s Information Tools
Web Page Design
Word Processing

Fine Arts — Visual:

Art 1
Art II
Painting I
Painting II
Drawing I
Drawing II
Ceramics I
Ceramics II
AP Studio Art
AP Drawing Portfolio
AP 2-D Design Portfolio
AP 3-D Design Portfolio
AP Art History

Fine Arts — Performing:

Theater I
Theater II
Theater III
Theater IV
Theater Production
Oral Interpretation
MHS Band, Level I, II, III, IV(Marching Band)
Instrumental Band, Level I, II, III, IV(Concert Band)
General Music
Jazz Band
Freshmen Singers
MHS Concert Choir
Guitar 1
Guitar 2
AP Music Theory

Foreign Language:

Spanish I
Spanish II
Spanish III — Honors
French I
French II

General Electives:

Driver’s Education
Family Dynamics
Health Education
Physical Education
Team Sports

Language Arts:

Compensatory Reading I and II
English I
English II
English III
English IV
Honors English I
Honors English II
Honors English III
Honors English IV
AP English IV
Creative Writing
African-American Literature
Short Stories
Twentieth Century Literature
Public Speaking


JROTC Leadership and Education Training Program I, II, III, and IV


AP Calculus
Honors Calculus
Advanced Algebra
Honors Pre-Calculus
Honors Trigonometry
Honors Algebra II
Algebra II
Survey of Mathematical Topics
Algebra I
Transition to Algebra
Compensatory Mathematics I and II


Intro. to Biology
Biology I
Biology II
Physical Science
Human Anatomy and Physiology
Chemistry I
Honors Chemistry I
AP Chemistry
Honors Physics
AP Biology
Earth Science

Social Studies:

Mississippi Studies
World History From The Age of Enlightenment to the Present
Honors World History From the Age of Enlightenment to the Present
AP European History
US History (1877 to Present)
AP US History
Honors Economics
US Government
Honors US Government
AP US Government and Politics
Law Related Education
Minority Studies
Humanities I
Humanities II

Ross Collins Career and Technical Center:

Architecture/Drafting I
Drafting II
Automotive Service I
Automotive Service II
Business Fundamentals(Marketing I)
Marketing II
Career Pathway Experience
Construction I(Electrical)
Electrical II
Construction I(Carpentry)
Carpentry II
Collision Repair I
Collision Repair II
Culinary and Related Foods Technology I
Culinary and Related Foods Technology II
Health Science I
Health Science II
Information Technology
Teacher Academy
Welding Technology

— Average non-elective class size: 19

— 52% of teachers hold a Master’s degree or higher.

— No tuition.

— Not a college.

— Not a charter school.

— This is Meridian High School, a traditional Mississippi public High School.



About The Public School Warrior

I am a product of Mississippi's public schools.
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