Legislation was passed recently that replaces Mississippi schools’ current accountability labels with a new scale of, simply, “A”, “B”, “C”, “D”, or “F”.

Who led the lobbying effort? Why, none other than the state’s leading proponent of charter schools, the Mississippi Center for Public Policy.

Given that the MCPP has also been one of the leading detractors of our state’s schools, one must assume that this new accountability scale is part of a well-designed battle plan that is two-fold: 1)Convince the people that public education is a dismal failure and 2) Market charter schools as a viable alternative.



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I am a product of Mississippi's public schools.
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  1. george thomas says:

    The public is not receiving full information concerning Charter Schools. If the advantage of a charter school is relief from regulations, then eliminate the “bad” regulations from schools. Placing charter schools under the regulations of a separate political board will not help the public schools.

    All want accountability, but all schools can be accountable. To base the evaluation of a complete school on “a” test on one day is not the way to do it. Some tests are OK, but too much emphasis is placed on one test on one day. Some schools are devoting 6 to 8 weeks preparing for the test.. Is a baseball player a failure if he goes hitless one day? Is a doctor a failure if a patient dies one day? Is an attorney a failure if he does not win a case one day?

    We need to support the improvement of the schools we have.

  2. Trenton says:

    Because a simpler way to identify school performance is a bad idea?

    Please tell me your definition of successful, and I can show you the definition of Successful under the old “Accountability System.” I guarantee it’s way off.

    • There’s nothing “simple” about identifying school performance. We should be encouraging taxpayers to visit school campuses, support teachers, build relationships with principals, etc. These are the necessary ingredients of a truly successful
      school system. But, instead, we’re devising the best way to sit at a computer screen and judge children whom we’ve never laid eyes on. The “simpler” we make these accountability labels, the dumber we make ourselves and the farther we move away from reality.

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