UPDATE 4/4: Governor Phil Bryant is considering a special session to continue the charter school debate. We are back to square one.

Please let Governor Bryant, Lt. Governor Reeves and the members of the Legislature know that more of our children will benefit from strengthening all of our existing public schools than will from the creation of separate schools. Please ask our leaders why we cannot give all of our schools the same tools for success that are given to charter schools.

Governor Phil Bryant’s e-mail: info@governorbryant.com

Lt. Governor Tate Reeves’ e-mail: ltgov@senate.ms.gov

House and Senate directories: http://www.new.ms.gov/content/Pages/Government-Branches.aspx

For what it’s worth, I believe with all of my heart that Lt. Governor Reeves, Governor Bryant and each and every member of our state legislature on both sides of the aisle are honorable and committed servants of the people.

I also believe that some of our leaders are not being told both sides of the story when it comes to charter schools.

Starting with me, I urge a renewed and sober look at all of the facts regarding this debate. For every blog such as mine that builds a strong case against charter schools, there is another blog that builds a strong case for charter schools.

I urge us to look at the whole picture, decide for ourselves and contact our leaders accordingly.





About The Public School Warrior

I am a product of Mississippi's public schools.
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