The Mississippi Charter “Movement”: Anything But Grassroots

Mississippians — for better or for worse — historically don’t respond favorably to movements that begin outside of our own backyards.

There are one-hundred-and-fifty-two public school superintendents in our state and roughly seven-hundred-and-sixty school board members who represent about 490,000 public school children.

It’s pretty safe to say that not one of these officials would be in favor of being forced to give one penny of their annual budgets to a school that doesn’t have to play by the same rules as they do.

With zero support from the members of our state’s urban and rural local school boards — folks who are pretty representative of the entire Mississippi electorate — the proponents of charter schools should call it quits and save face while they still can.


About The Public School Warrior

I am a product of Mississippi's public schools.
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