My Endorsements for Local and Statewide Offices

Today you will vote in local and statewide primary elections. By all means, get out and vote. And, by all means, please know a few things:

1)      No matter who is elected to office, it is up to YOU, the taxpayer, to make our public schools whatever it is that you want them to be.

2)      Many candidates talk about “fixing” education in Mississippi. Well, guess who has just as much power to “fix” education as the Governor or even the President himself…YOU the taxpayer. How? By simply showing up.

Meet a teacher. Observe a classroom. Your presence alone will make a difference in a kid’s life(as much as — maybe more than — the amount of funding our elected officials appropriate to our schools).

3)       If you want to “fix” education in Mississippi, get involved with a local school. Don’t just look at test scores and make judgments based on empirical data alone– look at faces. Walk hallways. Have conversations with students and teachers. Make a decision to become enlightened. And most importantly, tell people about it.

4)       Regardless of who wins today and in November, something must happen across our state in order for us to “fix” education: We must come together. We must combine our resources, both monetary and human. Our communities must fully buy-in to our public schools — so much so that all of us entrust them with our most precious asset; our children.

Elections can’t “fix” education. You, however, can.

Oh wait, I almost forgot to give you my endorsements.

Here they are(actually, there’s only one):

— For the office of Informed and Committed Citizen, I hereby endorse you, the reader.

By the way, you’ve already won the election.




About The Public School Warrior

I am a product of Mississippi's public schools.
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