Madison Gillette, MHS Senior: Meridian’s public schools are “a great place to learn.”

If you live in Meridian and have a child, grandchild, niece or nephew who will be entering the 9th, 10th, 11th or 12th grade this coming Fall, and you want the best all-around education for your child, look no further than Meridian High School.

From curriculum to facilities to teaching methods to overall preparation for the real world, the reasons are many — and will continue to be brought forth in detail here on the PSW.

But, for now, don’t take it from me; take it from a Meridian High student. Ms. Madison Gilette is currently a MHS Senior and was nice enough to field some questions from me recently…


PSW: Madison, you have attended Meridian’s public schools for most of your life. However, several years ago you left public schools for a brief period of time for a local private school. You chose to return to public schools. Why?

MG: I wanted to return to the public school system because I love the diversity that it brings. I wanted to be exposed to a larger school setting. I love how MHS offers me the opportunity to learn and grow from kids that come from different cultural backgrounds than my own.

PSW: What about academics? Do you feel that your experience at MHS has prepared you for college and, ultimately, for the real world? If yes, why?

MG: I believe that MHS has prepared me for college and life in general. I have had great teachers and they have given me the opportunity to learn and grow academically and socially. I also play soccer and tennis and this has allowed me the chance to compete with kids from all around the state. I have learned how to win and lose gracefully. I use this experience everyday because I know life is not going to be easy and I have to be able to learn and grown from all opportunities that are headed my way.

PSW: Have you ever feared for your personal safety while attending MHS or any of our public schools?

MG: I have never feared for my personal safety at MHS or any of the other public schools. My parents have always felt that when I leave to go to school my personal well-being is in great hands. I’m sure some people do not believe me when I say that because of all the awful things that are said about public schools. Honestly, it disgusts me how some people talk so bad about the schools, but have never visited one to witness that they’re a great place to learn.

PSW: Have you ever been exposed to anything at any of our public schools that has had a negative psychological or physical effect on you?

MG: No. MHS is a great place. The most important thing I have been exposed to is kids from different cultural and economic backgrounds than my own. I have learned a lot and respect all of my peers.

PSW: Today and in the future, what can community members do to support the students of Meridian High?

MG: I think our community members need to come check out what MHS has to offer. We need to support the public school system because a great public system will help our community to grow and prosper in a positive way. I hope I have the opportunity to send my children to MHS!




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I am a product of Mississippi's public schools.
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