What happens when you drop by MHS unannounced? (SHOCKING VIDEO INCLUDED)

Today I toured the campus of Meridian High School with Principal Victor Hubbard. Here’s what I saw in pictures, video and a few words:

9th grade STEM class at MHS

— This is an image of the design of a pressure plate used for manufacturing. Using state-of-the-art CAD software, this was completely designed from the ground-up by a 9th grade STEM student at Meridian High School(and not just one 9th grader;the wall is full of these). STEM stands for Science Technology Engineering Mathematics. Along with the image, students are required to produce drawings, i.e. blueprints, for the design and production of the given object. Did I mention these are 9th graders?

9th Grade Artwork

— This is an example of the “Glue-Watercolor” method being used by 9th graders to produce these fine pieces of artwork.

Next let’s take a look inside a 9th Grade Spanish Class at Meridian High School. The video showed up horizontally(sorry), but you’ll get the idea of what’s going on here: a whole lot of teaching and a whole lot of learning. Please notice the drop-down projector in the ceiling; Every single classroom in the MHS 9th grade building is equipped with one of these.

— Here is an example of how Mrs. Swindoll is incorporating the arts into her 9th grade science class with the “Wall of Elements”.

— Mrs. Swindoll’s 9th grade science class, buried in their textbooks and working hard(remember, I showed up unannounced).

— We then made our way over to the 10th-12th grade building, where we dropped by Mr. Abdella’s Advanced Placement World History class. Mr. Abdella was in the middle of a lecture on Kaiser Wilhelm I, German Unification and the events that led to the First World War. Several of the students in this picture scored +30 on the ACT.

— MHS also offers pottery.

— Here is Ms. Mackenzie Griffin working on her next creation.

— Senior Luke Stanley showing off his latest creation.

— Along with having “The Greatest Band in All the Land”, MHS offers an extensive music program to its students.

I like to save the best for last…

The greatest teacher I ever received instruction from was part of the faculty at Meridian High School. His name is Larry Nichols. He was great in 1992 and he is great today(and so are his students). Here he is in action today as he and his class discuss seditious speech and prior restraint.

Remember, I showed up unannounced…

Check out his class’s response when he asks them what they think about hearing from community members :



Today’s blog entry comes nowhere close to doing justice to the students and faculty of Meridian High School. If you really want to see what it’s like, show up — unannounced, if you wish — and ask for a tour. Trust me — the students and teachers would love to see you there.



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10 Responses to What happens when you drop by MHS unannounced? (SHOCKING VIDEO INCLUDED)

  1. bglover4pps says:

    Loved looking at this slice of Meridian High School!

    • Becky, these photos are indeed just a slice. On our two-hour tour we observed six different classrooms and a wide range of learning levels. There was one common theme everywhere we went: engaged students and extremely hard-working, talented teachers.

  2. Breck Moffett says:

    Well done Michael! I’m very proud of all your efforts with the Meridian Public School System. I truly wish you could come help me in Georgia with our issues! It’s getting better but just needs a jump start….

  3. patti pittman says:

    Great job Micheal! I loved Mr. Nichols and would go back to high school for a day right now! I love the attention you are putting here and know your hard work is paying off. I am so glad we are now a part of our public schools over here-
    Keep it up!!!

  4. stephen foley says:

    Larry Nichols made learning fun. Great teacher.

  5. Brooke Knights says:

    Love it Michael!! I love being a part of the public schools in Meridian. I wish more people would witness all the wonderful things going on in our schools. It must just be more fun for people to hear about faults and harp on them. I would love to have more people (parents and community) stop in my room. Its important for 5 year olds to know that what they are doing is important to other people. 🙂

  6. David Zettler says:

    Great job Michael!! I graduated from MHS in 1990 and wouldn’t change a thing about it. I also had Mr. Nichols and by far he was and still is my favorite teacher!! Nice to see something positive being said about our schools instead of criticism. i joys me to know that all 3 of mine will be Wildcats as well!! Again, great job!

  7. Reblogged this on The Public School Warrior and commented:

    I can’t think of a more timely re-blog. After you read this post, please ask yourself if Mississippi needs charter schools. And make sure you watch the videos at the bottom. Thanks for reading.

  8. Pingback: The Mountain of Evidence Against Charter Schools | The Public School Warrior

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